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[Trans] JYJ as s Honorary Ambassadors for Korea Medical Tourism

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An event to celebrate the opening of online integration platform of ‘Visit Medical Korea’ ( was held at Korea Tourism Organization TIC on October 1.

JYJ(Kim Jae-joong, Kim Jun-su and Park Yoochun) who have huge fan base around the world participated in this event as honorary ambassadors.

Park Yoochun said, “I became aware of the importance of health as I was very busy with heavy schedules. I am so glad to be named as honorary ambassador for Korea medical tourism. I will do my best to raise awareness of Korea’s advanced medical services.”

Kim Jae-joong also said, “I am so honored to be named as honorary ambassador for Korea medical tourism, too. I will try hard to let many people around the world know about beauty of Korea.”

Kim Jun-su stated, “I am really glad to be appointed as honorary ambassador for Korea medical tourism. I hope many people all over the world to know more about Korean culture and also JYJ’s music. I also hope that many people visit Korea.”

Meanwhile, JYJ, as honorary ambassadors, will raise awareness of excellence of Korea’s advanced medical service and also participate in a lot of events.

Written by Han Jihee, Photography by Ryuma, Translated by Park Kayla

[Photos] Kim Jaejoong at 2014 Korean Drama Awards

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[Photos] Kim Jaejoong Wins Outstanding Actor at 2014 Korea Drama Festival

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[Advertisement] {GOE;SS} Fish & Cash Fundraising

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For more details and enquiries, follow link to {goe;ss} @LJ

[Article] Jaejoong’s Birth Mother’s Blog Entry

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Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Young Woong Jae Joong, who received much attention lately because of his birth-related matters, hoped that the conflicted relationship between his birth and adoptive parents would be able to resolve peacefully.

Young Woong Jae Joong’s birth mother, Oh-shi, wrote a very long entry in her blog on January 11. In the article, she revealed the things that happened between her and Jae Joong, and her own feelings and thoughts.

She wrote, “Today, I can finally write happily. Jae Jun (Young Woong Jae Joong’s original name) came to my house. This is the first time, since we separated when he was four years old, the first time in 17 years, that I could truely hold him against me as a mother with her own child.” The writing reflected a very happy mood.

Next, Oh-shi explained a bit regarding the hot topic of the lawsuit and Jae Joong’s adoption.

“He was adopted at the age of four…I once almost committed suicide because I missed my son too much.” From Oh’s article, we are able to know that Young Woong Jae Joong (who was named Han Jae Jun at the time) was adopted by a family in Choongnamdo Gongju. She had no choice but to give her son away in order to make a living. Three years later, upon hearing that Jae Joong’s older adoptive sister was getting married, Oh came to Seoul, but was unable to see her son. Afterwards, regardless of how far they were, she went looking for Jae Joong’s elementary and high schools, quietly watching him from afar, before returning home. She described what he was like when he was younger.

Oh-shi, who lived in Kyungkido Mochu, went to Gongju in 2001 in order to see her son. However, JaeJoong’s adoptive mother said, “Jae Joong is well cared for. It is best that you go back.” Although it is very painful, she would wait until JaeJoong became successful before trying to see him again.

In 2003, there was no news of Young Woong Jae Joong. Panicking, Oh phoned Jae Joong’s adoptive parents in Gongju, who told her that Jae Joong had been sent to study in America. However, early in 2004, she found out from a friend of Jae Joong’s that he had became a singer. Going on the internet, she was able to confirm this. All of a sudden, she felt as if her heart stopped beating, and she thought back to the time when she almost committed suicide because she missed her son so much.

The first time that Oh-shi spoke with her son on the phone was in Sept. of 2004. At the time, she was buying the TVXQ Storybook from a store in Kyungkido and was able to obtain Jae Joong’s phone number from a female student there. One month after contacting him, she met him for the first time at Seoul Kangnam.

At the time, Jae Joong’s knee was injured during a dance practice for the promotion of the second album, so he was on crutches when he met with Oh. She said, “At first, we acted cool and smiled when we met. After that, everything went smoothly between us. The longing and quickened heartbeat continued.”

The time of happiness was short. In 2005, problems arose when Jae Joong’s military service came into question. Young Woong Jae Joong was not legally adopted so he has two family registers with his name before adoption, Han Jae Jun, and his name after adoption, Kim Jae Joong. They were told that he would not be able to enrol in military service with his birth name Han Jae Jun.

The police investigation began, and Oh-shi was very anxious. She went around consulting various places about whether her son’s family registers could be changed to a single one.

Because of a reporter in Choongnam Gongju, a lot of misunderstandings arose regarding Jae Joong’s birth parents and the lawsuit they instituted to try to reclaim him as a son. Oh said, “No matter if it is Jae Jun, his adoptive parents in Gongju, or Jae Jun’s birth father and myself, everyone felt pained because of this incident.”

Next, Oh said, “Nobody did this intentionally with the child as the goal. I also did not do this in order to receive any money or reward. Everyone’s misunderstandings and biased views are like an incurable disease to us.”

Oh-shi said that Young Woong Jae Joong wanted to discuss and resolve the problem peacefully. He wanted to live as Kim Jae Joong, and wanted his adoptive parents and birth parents to be able to live together. Young Woong Jae Joong’s wish all along had been for both families to be able to live sweetly and happily together, until death.

Oh-shi said, “Gongju unnie (Jae Joong’s adoptive mother) sent rice cakes and fruits to Jae Jun. We planned to go on a vacation together and go to TVXQ’s next concert. We might even live together in the future. Jae Joong always said that he wanted to have two mothers to be with him. Jae Joong really loves and respects his Gongju mother.” We are able to understand this.

Next, she said, “I hope that all the misunderstandings would be able to disappear and not become an obstacle in everyone’s lives. Jae Joong is very happy now. His Gongju mother is a virtuous person, her joy comes from being able to give the children food and clothing. I am also thankful towards the encouragement and support that his sisters and adoptive mother always gave him. I hope that I will always be able to maintain a good relationship with this family and that from now on, this feeling will never change.”

Oh-shi said that she did not have the ability to be together with Jae Joong, doing the things that a mother should do, but she has always been working hard.

Oh said, “My lucky son Jae Jun who has the love of everyone from two families, Jae Joong fighting!” …she then said, “Gongju unnie, I am very grateful for everything you have done. I will pray for you everyday, wishing you constant happiness, smiles, and good health.”

She also stated that it is good to see that Young Woong Jae Joong, who often seemed to have such a sad expression, is becoming happier.

Oh said, “Jae Joong told me to come to the concert in February with his Gongju parents. We are looking forward to seeing our wonderful son, singing for his family, for his fans, with his beautiful and sensuous voice. Dong Bang Shin Ki fighting!”

Reflecting, Oh-shi then said, “That time when Jae Joong had to be sent away was the hardest time period. That was a long-lasting pain, a time of suffering and regret. Gongju unnie with her generosity raised him properly. I really am incredibly thankful towards her.”

Credits: douhua baidu + lissilme @H.O.T.&DBSK (for translation) + honeyiceblend @dbsg + TVXQfever

[Wallpapers] Desktop Wallpapers Pinky in Pink

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Credits:*RAISON@DNBN + JJportia@TVXQfever

Saengil Chukha Hamnida Minnie! :-)

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Happy 21st/22nd Birthday Max Changmin! 🙂



Pic Credit: xietinloveshero

[Fan Account] SM Town Live Concert in Bangkok

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Well, the gate was open around 2 but I leave home at two hahaha. I arrived at the place around 3:40. They were so many people and well many cover dances too. Some of the cover dance was pretty good. You all know that the grace was not coming right, their fan was show up with few banners. It was so sad to see those fan coming and not be able to see their favorite artist

The concert started with shinee…. I don’t know what is the name of the song that they singing but it was good. Then the next singer (if I remember correct) was girl generation. They sing two or three song. At that time to tell the truth I don’t really care about the other band… I just want to see DBSK….

After waiting finally DBSK turn. Grrrrrrrrrr they open up with Hug with that school uniform Omg Jaejoong (too cute to find a word to describe him) He smile a lot GOD I love his smile. He look so happy today and after Hug they sing……..sorry but I can not remember the name of that song..They sing two songs then other four members went back to the backstage.

Junsu and Eun…(what is him name) sing one love( is that correct, never mind) they sing together and it was pretty good though….But the performance that I waiting for was Jaejoong duet…since we all know that the grace was not coming so What going to happen with Jaejoong Duet…I cross my finger

please let jj have solo stage…but..He with some girl from girl generation sing that duet together T_T….when it coming to the end of his duet I scream so loud….JAEJOONG DON’T DO THOSE HAND THING WITH THAT GIRL…..and yeah he didn’t do it…It was ok if it was Lina but please not with this girl.(sory but I’m kind of yunjae supporter)..

Then not in order they sang purple line (my fav song), O, rising sun and what else um I can not remember all of them. The one that I love most is love in the ice…. It was perfect. I love this song…It was even better than the record version. They all hit the note. In this concert, all of DBSK member seem to be in a good shape. They all sing and dance well.

Yunho in dancing battle was the best…I think it was the song that he dace in Gayo dance battle (is it that one). Jaejoong pick up many gift that fans try to give him but he mostly throw it back to the crown again.

But the one that he did not throw back and keep hold it till the end of the song was The cute elephant was blue or purple doll…I know that he love elephant so much coz last time in O concert he got the pink elephant from fans too. (I know that I write a lot about Jaejoong but damnnnnnnnn Jaejoong, who not going to fall in love with him if you can see those dorky smile ahhhhhhhhh)

We also prepare the birthday surprise for some members that have bday in feb. Yunho get lock up by some of the super junior member and get the test of the cake in his face hahaha even though I laugh but I kind get some feeling that Yunho piss off a little bit.

Jaejoong seem to be so happy ( didn’t I said that already). He running around like a child so it quite hard to focus on him. Just a minute ago he was in the front stage but in a few second he run back to the main stage lol. He throw the water at some of the suju member and he try to get away but not fast enough. He end up sitting on his knees and beg that suju member….hahaha

The concert end at 9:50 pm…I don’t know if they have any encore. I have to hurry and come home since I have my field trip 2morrow …….that it for my fan account…..

Credits: crazyjj33 + xietinloveshero

Saengil Chukha Hamnida Yunnie!

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Happy 23rd/24th Birthday Jung YunHo !! 🙂


Pic Credits: Hajar