[Audio] Radio FM – Fukuoka (Yoochun, Changmin, Junsu) 090311

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Part 1/2

Part 2/2

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[Video] Tohoshinki 26th Single – Survivor PV (Offshot Movie) (Eng Subbed)

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[Video] 090310 Mnet Wide News – Super 100 Sexy Body – Jaejoong #52

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[Video] Natural Looks Ranking – Jaejoong & Yoochun (Eng Subbed) 090309

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Trans] Steady Magazine April 09 – YooMin Interview 090309

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After the photo shoots, we have this interview of Changmin and Yoochun. Now that they’re already well-known, it’s a talk about their future goal

[I – Interviewer]

I: “The Secret Code”… that’s really a meaningful title.
YC: In our previous album, there were many songs recorded to appeal you, but this album is more like “Listen to it for knowing more about Tohoshinki’s feel.”

Q: Yes… So that means the songs are more to your own taste, bringing you closer to your goal?
CM: That’s right. So far, it’s a little fresher in a various means (laughs)

Q: The album’s opening has the same feeling like a show opening.
YC: Yes! Tohoshinki never be in such mysterious image, mature feeling… I think it’s the charm of this album.
CM: But personally, since I caught a cold during the recording, it’s really a pity…
YC: Nevertheless, this album shows that Changmin’s mind has been growing mature..

Q: Cool support! Which song do you think can show your growth?
YC: My self composed song “Kiss The Baby Sky” (laughs).. and then “FORCE” also brings out a new feeling.
CM: “Stand Up” does. I think a live performance of this will be great. Men usually feel embarrassed to admit they like male band, but I hope this album can makes them crossing over that fence.

Q: I thought so too. But then… what about your recent life in Japan?
YC: I’m having fun. I watch Detective Conan and Naruto every night. And I’ll sneak out to eat ramen in the middle of the night (laughs).

Q: Do the 5 of you live together?
CM: Although we have 3 rooms, but recently, each person’s personal area has appeared……
YC: Although I share a room with Jaejoong, but in recent years I’ve created my own little world in the living room
CM: I share with Yunho, yet I’m currently wandering around every part of the house (laughs)

Q: The way you say about it sounds really interesting.
CM: Childish, but manly (laughs). Although I’ve become an adult in songs, yet I’m still a kid at home ♪ (laughs)

Source: tami@beyond yuchun
Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Credits: tvxqfever.blogspot.com

Info] NTV “Zoom-In Super!” Hosts in Tohoshinki’s “Kiss the Baby Sky” PV

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Hatori Shinichi


Nishi Yukari


Ohguma Mika

NTV “Zoom-In Super!” Hosts Hatori Shinichi, Nishi Yukari and Ohguma Mika was featured in Tohoshinki’s “Kiss the Baby Sky” PV because Tohoshinki’s Yuchun promised that they’ll arrange them to film in “Kiss the Baby Sky” PV.

The hosts of NTV “Zoom-In Super!” once interviewed Tohoshinki and one of the hosts casually said that he wanted to be in their PV. “Kiss the Baby Sky” by Tohoshinki was used as NTV “Zoom-In Super!” theme song.

Credits: xietin @TVXQfever for info + NTV

[Video] Tohoshinki “Kiss the Baby Sky” PV

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