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[Audio] Radio FM – Fukuoka (Yoochun, Changmin, Junsu) 090311

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Part 1/2

Part 2/2

Credits: ichigoKJJ

[Photos] Yoochun and Changmin in Steady Magazine – April Issue

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Credits: Murasaki-Hashidoi

[Trans] Feb 27th – Feb 28th UFO Replies – HoMin

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Credits: as tagged

[Trans] Mar 1st UFO Replies – Changmin

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Translated by: jaelunnie @LJ

[Trans] Feb 28th UFO Replies – Changmin

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Fan : I want a reply too, why don’t you reply? Is my question invisible?

ChangMin : The question’s not invisible^.^kekeke

Fan : Sunbae, I think i’m having fever

ChangMin : You. . . You’re a hobae? (Sunbae for koreans mean senior while hobae is junior)

Fan : What does BO GO SIP O mean?

ChangMin : When i was young, i received formal education. Where did these kind of words come from!! kekeke
(This was on 01/11)

Fan : Is it snowing..? There’s white snow everywhere…^^

ChangMin : The whole world is white now..^^

Credit : OhMicky + KibanTVXQ
Translation : choco + crazee@TVXQFever

[Trans] Tohoshinki’s Interview in Ray April 2009 (Changmin’s Close Up)

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Summary: Introduction of Singapore Chicken Rice (T/N: Singapore-Hainanese Chicken Rice, though I don’t think you cook the dish by putting chicken and rice in the rice cooker xD) Changmin also has a special close up section.

Ray Love& Beauty Recipe Vol 14
Singapore Chicken Rice

If you want to have a supple body, you’ll need enough proteins.
Therefore, we’ll release THSK’s recommended recipe, they who care a lot about having a manly body.

YH: This is the first time we’ll be introducing this, it’s a healthy chicken breast meat recipe. Since we won’t use any oil in the preparation of this food, it makes it even more healthy.

CM: Putting the meat with rice in the rice cooker will make the meat very tender.

JS: Since there wasn’t any oil used in the preparation of this dish, I was really surprised when it turned out this delicious

JJ: This seems to be one of Singapore’s famous dish. Even though we didn’t get to eat it when we went there.

YC: Since Asia seems to be full of delicious food, eating this will make your tour happier.

YH: I really liked the fish dish I ate in Thailand. It was like atka mackerel and when dipped in transparent sauce…

CM: If you go to Taiwan you must definitely eat xiaolongbaos (mandoos with soup in it, gyozas with soup in it) ! All of us love it.

JJ: If we go to Singapore this time, let’s eat this.

YC: Although it’s nice to eat it in restaurants, you can try adding your own flavor to it if you make it at home. I think it’ll be great eating this for supper.

JS: Wouldn’t it be great eating it on a rainy, quiet night?

CM: Junsu just wants to recommend this solo number [Rainy Night], right?

JS: Ah, I got caught *laughs* But really, breathing in the fragrance of jasmine rice with nice food, I think it’d be great listening to a quiet song.

JJ: So, how about my [Wasurenaide]? You can quietly appreciate the sad lyrics.

YH: That’s good. It’s in our newest single. So let’s just do this.

YC: Yah~ Although it’s regrettable, all of us have agreed on this song *laughs*

JJ: Ah, Junsu, sorry! It’s okay, all of us have decided this recipe suits [Rainy Night]!

This month’s close-up! Changmin.
The youngest yet the always calm Changmin.
He tells us his 5 secrets to his calm manners.

1. Pizza
I’ve always loved eating pizza since I was in kindergarten. I love those with loads of cheese. Although I want to order take-out pizza, but I’m afraid that the members will eat everything and not leave any for me.

2. Raul Midon
He’s a Mexican guitarist based in America. I really want to be like him so I’ve been practicing how to play the guitar on my own

3. Home
Home is a place where you can rest/recuperate. It’s a place where I can calm myself down. If I don’t have anything special going on during my breaks, I’d like to spend them freely at home

4. Time
I want to do things but I don’t have enough time for them. I like reading. I’ll read anything from novels to poems if I have the time

5. Having a easy/composed mindset
Since I’m really busy so it’s important to have such a mindset. I guess this is why I’ve been more interested in reading recently.

Translated by: Sparkskey
Credits to: DNBN + beyondyuchun

[Trans] Feb 26th – Feb 27th UFO Replies – HoMin

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Yunho’s Replies

Fan : It was my birthday yesterday Please wish me!! TT Will you wish me?

Yunho : Although it’s a little late but Happy Birthday! ^_^ From today onwards, I pray for your happiness ^_^

Fan : Checkmate

Yunho : You use romantic words that make me dizzy…Our love starts now~

*Yunho’s reply is Checkmate’s lyrics

Fan : Oppa you’re revealing too much…is it for me?

Yunho : Oh~~ Too wild~~

Fan : Waiting for you oppas…i’ll..!! If I study hard enough, I’ll definitely be Junsu’s nurse!! If you’re sick..come to me??

Yunho : Okay…^_^ But please don’t hurt me when you give me an injection~

Fan : Can you see it? Can you feel it? Our love for TVXQ

Yunho : I felt it…^_^ Did you feel it? (TVXQ’s love)

Fan : Oppa if I go to your university, will you go on a date with me??

Yunho : How??

Changmin’s Replies

Fan : Who does oppa belong to??? ME~~~

Changmin : No way

Fan : Anything to say?

Changmin : Nope

Fan : Oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll think of myself as the dancer in Checkmate forever!!!

Changmin : That’s not possible~ Haha~

Fan : Do you remember? I really miss that time~

Changmin : Hehehehe

Fan : Oppa ah^^ Today I was late to school TT Tell me to work harder~ Goodnight~

Changmin : Work harder^^

Fan : Who are you thinking of now? I thinking of YOU.

Changmin : ^^

Fan : The concert is over~~ I’m depressed TTTT

Changmin : ; ; ; ;

Fan : Oppa I want to be your bed in your room for just a day

Changmin : No way

Fan : I’m begging you………..please reply………..please show yourself!

Changmin : ^^ okay…hehe

Fan : As expected, oppa looks most handsome singing!! hehehe

Changmin : Thank you^^

Fan : I wish for you to have God’s grace and blessings ^^

Changmin : ^^ You too ^^

Fan : I must fulfill my dreams…Oppa you’re my witness alright?^^ See you in 10 years oppa~

Changmin : I’m waiting~ hehe

Fan : Do you want your youth to be blown away with this wind today?

Changmin : What are you talking about?

Fan : I just need to grow a little taller and I can catch up with oppas! I’m already 170~~

Changmin : 170 is good for a girl!

(These are from the same fan)

1.Fan : Sometimes sexy Sometimes pure Sometimes passionate~ Yunho’s charm is the best!! ^^

Yunho : Me?? Best charm?? Wow I feel really good uhuhu

2. Fan : As tall as the sky…I can’t reach your hand…As pure and clean as the sky…Jung Yun Ho ^^

Yunho : I…like the sky a lot ^_^ Close your eyes…it’s just like flying~

(These are from a male fan 8D)

1. Fan : Because of Yunho, I study extremely hard…How can you do this to me? It’s too much…

Yunho : What’s wrong??

2. Fan : Please cheer for me…tell me to study…Then I can meet you…TTT

Yunho : You have to work hard! I’m waiting for you! ^_^

(ChangMin butts in LOL)

Changmin : I wanna cheer for you too! Fighting! Although results and happiness aren’t on the same scale of importance, but make studies your main aim for now~

3. Fan : I’ll see you on stage then! Qi Zuo Zhen(fan’s name) VS Jung Yunho~!! Cool? ^_^

Yunho : Okay^^ Please take care~

Credits : OhMicky
Translated by : Choco@TVXQFever

[Photo] Changmin Endorsing Necklace

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Credits: DNBN

[Photos] Changmin’s Papers 090226

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According to the author, this is found when someone is cleaning Changmin’s drawer and found these papers.



Credits: cyworld + DNBN + TVXQFever

[Trans] Feb 26th – Feb 27th UFO Replies – HoMin

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Fan : I’m seriously going crazy over oppas…how can someone make me feel so emotional!

Yunho : I…don’t know either! kekeke thank you!

Fan : Are you in Korea or Japan now? ^__^

Yunho : Japan ^__^ Really tired…

Fan : My body’s still aching after the concert~~ I held up my lightstick once I saw you on stage oppa kekeke

Yunho : Really? I hope you’re not hurt~

Fan : Oppa! Taking big gulps of water is not good for your stomach! Drink slowly~~

Yunho : Thank you ^_^

Fan : I’m a little frustrated right now TT Reply me and I’ll go study!!

Yunho : Go study~~ ^_^ Then your dreams can be fulfilled~

Fan : It will stay in my heart forever~ I don’t care what others say, TVXQ loves Cassiopeia the most ^^

Yunho : Of course! That’s the truth…^^ Thank you! The concert was really fun!!

Fan : I have a test tomorrow…please pray that I’ll pass!! AZA!

ChangMin : I’m praying!! FIGHTING!! ^^

Fan : I have to see oppas next year ^^* But if I don’t…i’m not responsible~

ChangMin : Okay^^

Translated by: Choco@TVXQFever