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[Info] 090125 Ontama Carnival 09 Fan Account

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I went to watch the “Ontama Carnival 09”, and entered the venue at 4pm because of the long distance. TVXQ had not yet appeared, and “Perfume” was performing when I entered. The place was very lively and there was a short break after Perfume’s performance. Now, there were already many TVXQ fans, and they seemed to have arrived at around 2pm, before the show had even started. After the break, Koda Kumi came to perform, and she managed to liven up the atmosphere further. Gradually, the words “TVXQ” started to appear on the screen, at around 6pm. It was slightly later than we expected, but we were still elated to see TVXQ.

1. Purple Line- I haven’t heard PL in a long time. Both Yoochun and Junsu’s hairstyles had returned to the way it was a year ago during the PL era, which is great. Everyone was wearing wine-red shirts with leather jackets of different styles outside.

2. Summer Dream- After saying, “We are TVXQ”, Jaejoong greeted us and everyone was panting away heavily because of the dance. Yunho wanted a change of atmosphere and to sing a ballad, but it had been a long time since SD. This reminded me of SD in 2007, and the fanmeeting at Heyx3. The fanmeeting was swelteringly warm, it was really bad. This is a song that revives people in summer.

3. Doushite Kimi wo Sukininatte Shimattandarou?- It sounded exactly like it did during the Kohaku. Jaejoong’s voice really made us feel like working harder.

4. Bolero- The song started with Yoochun introducing it as “the single that is going to be released on 21/1, please enjoy”. Everyone sounded really familiar with the song, it must’ve been the result of repeatedly singing it the past few days.

5. Mirotic- It looked really interesting watching Jaejoong perform at the start, and the song was a remix, sounded good.

Source: 樱雪
Translation: Banana-chan @xietinloveshero