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[Trans] JJ Magazine March 2009 – HoSuChun

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Usually a surprise is always loved.

“Eventhough Valentine is a day when boys get chocolate from girls, but I really want to hang a lot of chocolate on a tree in a park to give her a surprise surprise!”

“I really want to see her surprised/happy face, by that I can be very glad as well.”

“Then it’s alright to send her a normal meal, I think it’s enough.”

“Valentine or Christmas, both are important. The most important thing is to spend them in great mood as a special day for both of us, and I want to make her feeling lot happier. Thus I want to make a perfect surprise.”

“The…. plan is secret”

“(By doing a surprise for her) I would like to then cherish the day together with her with strong feeling in the future.”



In Korea, the 5 members of TVXQ were used to live together.

But last year, it’s said that Yoochun had moved to a different place.

The reason is “The family who was in U.S finally came back to Korea, so I bought a house for us to live together.”

He’s a kind who cherishes his family more than anything, but also appreciates more to the relationship with other members and fans.

Regarding this, Yoochun said, “My girl should be a very nice person (so that she can respects his family and other members also).”

As the composer of “Kiss The Baby Sky” which was released on January 21st, and also is responsible as the arranger, he really shows a great talent.




When being asked “10 years later, which year’s memory is so far considered as the best memory?”, all members simultaneously answered, “2008!” with no doubt.

“In last year, everyday we’d been working so hard, being grown up, and since we went through each day with pressure, I really want to spend days with someone whom I love in usual/relaxing ways. Such as going to a restaurant without worrying to be noticed by people, eating delicious food in a place where we can view illuminations.”

“It’s nothing but just a date ‘to-do-with-happiness’.

I really want to spend days in good time like this with my gf.

If the time is enough, I also want to go to the sea… resting under the palm trees.

Do nothing but quiet… But I think it would take a lifetime to each moment (laughs)

Junsu is the mood maker of TVXQ. He can sing all of sudden during a shooting, and can’t stop his face from smiling.

He’s very polite, always appreciate the staffs, and says “thank you” to his manager.

Behind his cute face, there’s a deep feeling of a sweet boy hidden.




My Valentine’s day’s date is very very simple.

If I can spend that day with person whom I love, it’s already good enough.

I won’t ask anything from the girl I loved, if the two of you can be together in one day, it’s just perfect.

If I have time, I want to write her a song. For example, as the return for her chocolate, I will write a song that is sung only for her. I will sing in a capella, and if suddenly she asked “Why is no music?” I will answered, “Because it’s sung only for you.”

Because I love to give something to people, if a woman asked me to do something, if I can do it, then I will do.

“Instead of doing solo, it will be better if I can grow up together as Tohoshinki.” Yunho said.

In fact, when Jaejoong was shy at shooting time, he would talked first to him, and when the other members were too noisy, he would said “Please quiet!” … or just calling the others’ attention naturally.

Yunho is a kind of leader that will makes us saying “I will follow you!”

“I want to do more and more busier work!” he said in such passionate. He’s maybe a kind of husband in dream.

Source: beyondyuchuntokyo + dnbn
Japanese-kor translation by: Tami
Kor-eng translation by: sharingyoochun@wordpress