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[Video] Message from DBSK for Kangta’s Musical “Mine”

Posted in Video with tags , on February 19, 2009 by kenkyu

A little bit about Kangta’s Musical :

Kangta has expressed his views that his musical, “Mine” has become even more promising after SNSD and DBSK watched it.

During the press conference on the 30th regarding the musical, “Mine”, which was produced to commemorate the Army’s 60th anniversary, Kangta said, “My parents and juniors from the same company came to watch the musical, as did DBSK and SNSD; this has made me feel very happy and close to them.”

The musical is Kangta’s first attempt at acting since entering the army, and is about a true story that happened in the Demilitarized Zone in 2000.

Source: 中国U-KNOW KING + 金色XIAHKING + 流川梓&金家四少的爱
Translations by: Banana-chan @xietinloveshero
Video Credits: xietinloveshero