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[Trans] Wanna Be! Kim Junsu Interview

Posted in Translations with tags on February 4, 2009 by kenkyu


Xiah Junsu’s Attractive Charisma
Junsu is someone who has the ability to make people feel happy no matter where they are. Although he has left a deep impression with people through being a “comedian”, in actual fact, he cannot do so in real life. The atmosphere, however, changes on set. He is really the moodmaker of the group. There is general consensus in the group that “Junsu is the most humourous member, and Junsu is also the calmest member”. If shooting lasts late into the night, he tries to make the members and staff forget their fatigue and bring laughter to them by trying to make double-eyelids and coming up with comedic dance moves.

In addition, Junsu possess a kind heart as well (this was his reason for helping the manager to move tables even when he was sick. With a good personality, kind heart and charismatic voice, doesn’t this make him “more and more charming as you look at him?”

Although Xiah Junsu’s unique voice had undergone changes during puberty, it is more beautiful now than it was when he was young. He laughs and is lively and mischievous no matter where he is, yet this makes him all the more lonely. His twin brother, who was the topic of conversation a few months ago, is the exact person who can give him the warm pat on a shoulder just as a boyfriend would when he needs one. He is not just a brother, but a closer kin as they are twins. Junsu also calls his brother the most when he is overseas.

Another charismatic point in Junsu is his competitiveness. Because he hates losing, he puts in lots of effort all the time. He is nimble and alert in TV shows; his reflexes do not lose to those of an athelete’s, and he wins every game he takes part in. Junsu is thus very proud of the fact that he has won everything. This makes Junsu an all-rounder, yet his all-roundedness, passion and fervour comes at the price of his sweat. In the showbiz world of pretty boys, his charisma never fails to win people over and make him shy.

Translation by: Banana-chan@xietinloveshero