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[Info] Korea’s Top 5 Most Wanted Men and Women

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Top Korean Men and Women Celebrities, according to EBN news:

The Top 5 Most Wanted Men are:

01. 이승기 Lee Seung Gi – 34% (343 people)
02. 정지훈 (비) Jung Ji Hoon (Rain) – 30% (296 people)
03. 빅뱅 대성 Dae Sung of Big Bang – 23% (234 people)
04. 동방신기 유노윤호 U-Know YunHo of TVXQ – 7% (72 people)
05. 슈퍼주니어 강인 Kang In of Super Junior – 5% (52 people)

The Top 5 Wanted Women are:
01. 손담비 Son Dam Bi – 39% (388 people)
02. 소녀시대 태연이 TaeYeon of SNSD – 32% (322 people)
03. 소녀시대 티파니 Tiffany of SNSD – 11% (106 people)
04. 원더걸스 소희 SoHee of Wonder Girls – 10% (104 people)
05. 카라 한승연 Han Seungyeon of Kara – 8% (76 people)


[News] BoA,TVXQ,and Rain in a book, “exploring generation”

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BoA, TVXQ, and Rain in a book with unique topic: “Exploring Globalization”

On date 13th, a Candian bought a book which in it there is picture of BoA, and also TVXQ and Rain (who’s mentioned with his real name, Jung Ji-hoon), thus he/she took pic of the related pages and posted them in internet.

“Exploring Globalization” is the title of this book, stretches out the Korean wave and says that due to the development of cultural market in Asia, especially Korea, and information about BoA, TVXQ, and Rain’s fandom culture is also explained.

The success of BoA in U.S market recently as an evidence to the world of her popularity, and the picture of 2004 activity represented by TVXQ and Rain called “My Name” is also included in the book.

Under the picture of BoA, is written: “Korean pop musicians like BoA have a huge fan base. The fans will follow their style, from costumes, make up, even accessories. Why do they act like this? A short article about fandom culture is written as the answer.

Rain, BoA, and TVXQ passage refers to:

“In the late 1990s, a regional TV station, Channel V, began to broadcast Korean music video, creating a strong K-pop fan base in Asia. Performances video of Rain and BoA attracted large audiences. Some Korean stars, Thomas Im, also known as Taebin and Micky Yoochun of the group TVXQ, were grown up in the United States. Their music blends American and Korea music style.”

Translation: sharingyoochun

[News] Update on Korea’s Music Globalization

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Earlier this week, I revealed that Korea’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism was about to launch a mission to globalize Korean music. A meeting was hosted by several government officials on February 4th at one of SM Entertainment’s branches, where Minister Yoo laid out his plans for promoting and spreading Korean music across the borders. He appointed DBSK, Wonder Girls, Rain, Big Bang, and SNSD as ambassadors, although not all members were present at the meeting.

One of the main goals on the minister’s agenda is to establish a qualified, creditable Korean music chart, like USA’s Billboards, Great Britain’s UK, and Japan’s Oricon charts. Minister Yoo and his team of experts will also develop and reconfigure award fields and criteria, methods of in-depth judging and reviews, and figure out how to operate the new Kpop chart to launch something like “Korea’s Grammy Awards” as well. Of course Korea already has many awards for singers and musicians, but it seems like he REALLY wants to be able to compete with America and what not. And how is this going to help ‘spread the word’ past China, exactly?

Over the next 5 years, up to 127,500,000,000 Won out of the treasury will be committed to the project. That’s over 92 million dollars! Call me crazy, but I think they can find far better uses for that money than showing the world how great Korean music is (which IS awesome, don’t get me wrong). This just goes to show how serious they are. Forget globalization, they’re making war on all the other music industries of the world. Part of the money (about 7 million USD) are already being used to remodel the MoonHwa Contest Hall and the Olympic Hall in Seoul; the revamped buildings will be ready to use (ie for concerts) by December of this year. All because the stadiums aren’t flashy and fancy enough as of now.

That’s not all. As some of you may know, 2-year military service in Korea is compulsory. Many bands have been broken up or forced to delay activities due to the required military service (think Shinhwa), although some artists such as Kim Jong Kook have made successful comebacks even after disappearing from the entertainment scene for two years. Minister Yoo is thinking of allowing artists to delay their service indefinitely or even skip out completely. The minister’s point is that he needs the young stars while they’re still young and talented, to be able to take on busy schedules, unhindered by age. Understandably many Korean citizen have protested his proposal, claiming that making exceptions can lead to big problems, and that as idols they should be setting good examples by doing their duty to their country. All the more reason to become a celebrity, I guess.

Sorry fans, no word as of yet on any activities outside of Korea. It seems like they’re concentrating on improving the industry from the inside out, which makes sense if you look at it from the long-term point of view. But so much money! Darn you LSM and JYP for giving the government such crazy ideas! Is Korea’s recession proof or something? Last time I checked, they weren’t doing so hot. I agree that it is important to be aware of other cultures, and I applaud Korea’s attempts to claim their place in the ever competitive, forever changing music industry. The world should know Korea’s got great music and unique culture. And seeing the lack of qualms about spending so much money on this project, it’s probably not all about profits either. But honestly, I have a feeling they’re going way overboard with this whole globalization thing.

Source: ALLKPOP + xietinloveshero

[Trans] A-Star Magazine January 2009

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Top 5 Korean artists who got most requests in Star & Me column


No.1 Kim Jaejoong
Mr. Sweet-face with the shyly smile! The very 1st time that we made this column, it’s Jaejoong that the fans wrote about. It’s always Jaejoong and Jaejoong. The staff gotta swap Jaejoong’s articles with other artists (just trying to spread love to most artists as possible) and the love letters to Jaejoong are in the queue-to-be-posted till the end of 2009.

Most letters are like “I admire Jaejoong Oppa because having been reading about his past, he’s a real tough guy and been working real hard to get to this point. He’s also kind and grateful to his parents and everyone who had been supporting him. I want to support him so that he’d be fighting with his hardwork in the future” and this is just a small part of the letters.


No.2 Yunho
Mr. Coolest leader! Sweet love letters to Yunho is “Dear Staff, since the day i was born till now.I’ve never seen any guy who is as cute as Yunnie bear. Is there any guy in this whole world who could dance as perfect as Yunho?”


.3 Eun Hyuk
Mr. Sincere who super super loves Thailand. Though he didn’t speak much when he was here but people who saw his lovely smile cannot just escape away from his charms. (Eun Hyuk’s letters are as many as Jaejoong and Yunho! can u believe?)


No.4 Lee-Teuk
The Sensitive leader! His sweet face with his sincere smile can melt our heart. This guy is super innocent and so real in everything (talk, laugh,smile or even cry). Sweet love letters to him “I’m impressed when i 1st saw him. He got the warm smile,he’s sincere and generous and always takes good care of other SJ members. He even sacrifices his own happiness so that other people can just smile. I really love him and will support him forever”


No5. Han-Kyung
The Generous big Daddy! He seems to be mature than any other SJ members. He takes good care of other members and consults them about everything (including the love problem) When SJ-M started to promote in China, it’s Han-Kyung who coordinated everything. Love letters to him is “I really love him from having been reading about his life. He’s been working so hard and he got a warm heart. He’s so modest. When I see him cry i wanna wipe away his tears”

Still got more artists such as DongHae, Yoochun, Hee Chul, Ki Bum, Tae Min etc


6 Hottest Korean Aritists of the year 2008 (fans votes)


No.1 Super Junior (High rating from the beginning till now)

Since the 1st time SJ debuted till now. We recieved tons of emails, phonecalls, SMS asking about the boys. Most of the fans said they dont like SJ just because of their cute looks but it’s because they’ve been working hard, their performances are awesome. We cannot imagine how many times they’ve been practicing to get the best performance on the stage. SJ is the inspiration for many fans.


No.2 DBSK (no one is greater than TVXQ)
Since their 1st debut, we got tons of requests about them such as “What kind of the girl does Micky Yoochun like?”, “Does Xiah Junsu’s father allow him to get married with Thai girls?” etc. The reason why boys become the most request is not because of their handsome look only but it’s because they’re the best in dancing, singing, performing. They’ve been trained hard and have been working hard. They’re the good model for teenagers. After all they got such a good heart, that’s why we all love them so much.


No3. Rain (the immortal of Korea)
We cannot deny the fact that Rain is the super star in Korea. From his poor childhood. How he’s been fighting to be able to stand in this position, makes us love him. From Korean to Hollywood, he’s the inspiration for many many new coming artists. And no matter what he does, he always got our attention.


No.4 Big Bang (Wake up the rap phenomenon)
We get used to the POP songs but Big Bang could just wake up the hip-hop nature in our blood. Normally hip hop would look rough and hard but Big Bang’s fashion is unbelievably awesome! Their songs are not too rough and the lyrics are from their talented leader “G-Dragon” this makes us so impressed in them.


No.5 F.T Island (unbelievable musicians)
Many people assume that F.T Island music was POP , according to their cute look. But in fact their songs are Pop-rock and they are so good performing live and dont forget that they’re only 16-18! They are super talented!


No.6 Wonder girls (the one and only girl band who win boys and girls hearts)
Actually there are only TOP 5 for the hottest artists only but if we don’t write about Wonder girls, we think we’re gonna get tons of complaints from A-star fans for sure. WG is the only girl band that the fans truely admit they are cool. According to their super sexy and super cute and super cool look, it’s not that difficult for us to fall for them. Cuz if they’re not cool, you think they are gonna have the concert in bangkok?


Top 5 Korean artists that had most requests for their pictures


No.1 Super Junior
Super Junior fever started very very high and the volume has never fallen down.


5 handsome gods that the fans always love.


No.3 Big Bang
5 rappers who win the girls hearts.


No.4 F.T Island
Always cute in the pre-madonna eyes.


No.5 SHINee
New comers who stole our hearts.

Source: A-Star Magazine Jan 09
Translated by: sharingyoochun

[News] 5 Big Korean Singers As Ambassadors of Korean Music Globalization

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On the morning of 4th February, SM artists will be having a singing rehearsal for Music Industry New Year Meeting as announced by Ministry of Culture for the government’s mid-term plan at Gangnam-Gu, Seoul.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Minister Yoo appointed 5 teams to join the Korean music globalization promotion team, they are: world star Rain, TVXQ, Big Bang, Girl’s Generation, and Wonder Girls. These teams will lead in the globalization of Korean pop music in the matter of Korean wave.

The ministry said, “This music industry meeting is included in one of the South Korea government’s medium-term plan. Government concerns and encourages staffs in music industry to promote the globalization of Korean music.”

Source: SPN News + 내심촹
Translations: Sharing Yoochun

[News] Top Stars’ Insurance for Concerts

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Idol group Big Bang will be holding their concert from the 30th for four days. A total of 500 000 people are expected for this concert! We’re expecting girls in their ten’s mostly.

Big Bang’s management has registered a 153 billion won’s worth of insurance just in case of an accident. It’s for the the safety of the crowd as well as other accidents that might happen. They also will have a total of 200 securities at the scene as well as three ambulance cars. Big Bang members’, who have fallen off stages before, are doing a routinely check so it doesn’t happen again.

Ever since concerts’ scales have been getting bigger, so have the accident scales. And there are an addition of top artists who are registering insurance for the safety of their fans.

DBSK registered a 40 billion won insurance for first concert back in 2006, and World Star Rain has also registered a 100 billion won for his Tokyo Dome Concert.

Translation Credit: 애기샤☆ @TVXQaustralia