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[News] Xiah Junsu’s Special Performance “XIAH-ROTIC” with SHINee’s Key

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Group Dong Bang Shin Ki who had a successful comeback in 2008 with the song ‘MIROTIC’, reveals something new – ‘XIAH-ROTIC’.

SM Entertainment said, “Dong Bang Shin Ki Xiah Junsu has prepared a new dance song for Dong Bang Shin Ki’s concert called ‘XIAH-ROTIC’. It will be revealed during the concert performance.”

The song ‘XIAH-ROTIC’, which will be for solo performance during the concert, will feature SHINee member Key.

Meanwhile, Dong Bang Shin Ki will be having their 3rd sold-out concert from 20th to 23rd February.

Source: sookyeong + xietinloveshero


[Info] 18th [Info] 18th Seoul Gayo Daesang/ Music Awards 2009/ Music Awards 2009

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:::Still unconfirmed if DBSK were to attend.
Date: 12th February 2009
Time: 5pm to 8pm
Broadcast Channel: YTN Star
Venue: High 1 Resort
Appearances by: Wonder Girls, DBSK, Big Bang, Jewelry, Park Ji-yoon, Kim Jong Kook, Son Dam Bi, Park Hyun Bin, 2PM, SHINee
Awards: 1 Daesang, 10 Bonsangs, 2 Newcomer Awards, 1 Trot Award
Website: here

The awards will be presented to the best singers based on various criteria such as album sales, popularity, professional judging and mobile voting to decide on the country’s most popular group and singer.

Credits: SHINee Italian Forum + + KPOP JJANG

[News] DBSK, Big Bang, SHINee Fashion Trends

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Idol Groups’ Fashion Trends

Recently, hightop sports shoes have been all the rage throughout popular idol groups such as Big Bang and SHINee. With these hightops, a little cushioning under the feet would not be seen at all and beautifies the shoes, making them extremely popular among young people aged between 10 and 20. Reebok’s “eshopi” and “lesil” sports shoes have already sold out more than 100 000 pairs.

Groups such as Big Bang, DBSK and SS501 have also been spotted sporting BIOWOUT eye makeup which was popular in the 1970s. BIOWOUT moisturizes and protects the skin, making it popular even among men. This led to popular singers such as Michael Jackson beginning to put more emphasis on makeup. Suits which complement men’s bodies have also been very popular recently.

Source: Baidu
Translated by: Banana-chan @Xietinloveshero

[Trans] A-Star Magazine January 2009

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Top 5 Korean artists who got most requests in Star & Me column


No.1 Kim Jaejoong
Mr. Sweet-face with the shyly smile! The very 1st time that we made this column, it’s Jaejoong that the fans wrote about. It’s always Jaejoong and Jaejoong. The staff gotta swap Jaejoong’s articles with other artists (just trying to spread love to most artists as possible) and the love letters to Jaejoong are in the queue-to-be-posted till the end of 2009.

Most letters are like “I admire Jaejoong Oppa because having been reading about his past, he’s a real tough guy and been working real hard to get to this point. He’s also kind and grateful to his parents and everyone who had been supporting him. I want to support him so that he’d be fighting with his hardwork in the future” and this is just a small part of the letters.


No.2 Yunho
Mr. Coolest leader! Sweet love letters to Yunho is “Dear Staff, since the day i was born till now.I’ve never seen any guy who is as cute as Yunnie bear. Is there any guy in this whole world who could dance as perfect as Yunho?”


.3 Eun Hyuk
Mr. Sincere who super super loves Thailand. Though he didn’t speak much when he was here but people who saw his lovely smile cannot just escape away from his charms. (Eun Hyuk’s letters are as many as Jaejoong and Yunho! can u believe?)


No.4 Lee-Teuk
The Sensitive leader! His sweet face with his sincere smile can melt our heart. This guy is super innocent and so real in everything (talk, laugh,smile or even cry). Sweet love letters to him “I’m impressed when i 1st saw him. He got the warm smile,he’s sincere and generous and always takes good care of other SJ members. He even sacrifices his own happiness so that other people can just smile. I really love him and will support him forever”


No5. Han-Kyung
The Generous big Daddy! He seems to be mature than any other SJ members. He takes good care of other members and consults them about everything (including the love problem) When SJ-M started to promote in China, it’s Han-Kyung who coordinated everything. Love letters to him is “I really love him from having been reading about his life. He’s been working so hard and he got a warm heart. He’s so modest. When I see him cry i wanna wipe away his tears”

Still got more artists such as DongHae, Yoochun, Hee Chul, Ki Bum, Tae Min etc


6 Hottest Korean Aritists of the year 2008 (fans votes)


No.1 Super Junior (High rating from the beginning till now)

Since the 1st time SJ debuted till now. We recieved tons of emails, phonecalls, SMS asking about the boys. Most of the fans said they dont like SJ just because of their cute looks but it’s because they’ve been working hard, their performances are awesome. We cannot imagine how many times they’ve been practicing to get the best performance on the stage. SJ is the inspiration for many fans.


No.2 DBSK (no one is greater than TVXQ)
Since their 1st debut, we got tons of requests about them such as “What kind of the girl does Micky Yoochun like?”, “Does Xiah Junsu’s father allow him to get married with Thai girls?” etc. The reason why boys become the most request is not because of their handsome look only but it’s because they’re the best in dancing, singing, performing. They’ve been trained hard and have been working hard. They’re the good model for teenagers. After all they got such a good heart, that’s why we all love them so much.


No3. Rain (the immortal of Korea)
We cannot deny the fact that Rain is the super star in Korea. From his poor childhood. How he’s been fighting to be able to stand in this position, makes us love him. From Korean to Hollywood, he’s the inspiration for many many new coming artists. And no matter what he does, he always got our attention.


No.4 Big Bang (Wake up the rap phenomenon)
We get used to the POP songs but Big Bang could just wake up the hip-hop nature in our blood. Normally hip hop would look rough and hard but Big Bang’s fashion is unbelievably awesome! Their songs are not too rough and the lyrics are from their talented leader “G-Dragon” this makes us so impressed in them.


No.5 F.T Island (unbelievable musicians)
Many people assume that F.T Island music was POP , according to their cute look. But in fact their songs are Pop-rock and they are so good performing live and dont forget that they’re only 16-18! They are super talented!


No.6 Wonder girls (the one and only girl band who win boys and girls hearts)
Actually there are only TOP 5 for the hottest artists only but if we don’t write about Wonder girls, we think we’re gonna get tons of complaints from A-star fans for sure. WG is the only girl band that the fans truely admit they are cool. According to their super sexy and super cute and super cool look, it’s not that difficult for us to fall for them. Cuz if they’re not cool, you think they are gonna have the concert in bangkok?


Top 5 Korean artists that had most requests for their pictures


No.1 Super Junior
Super Junior fever started very very high and the volume has never fallen down.


5 handsome gods that the fans always love.


No.3 Big Bang
5 rappers who win the girls hearts.


No.4 F.T Island
Always cute in the pre-madonna eyes.


No.5 SHINee
New comers who stole our hearts.

Source: A-Star Magazine Jan 09
Translated by: sharingyoochun