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[Video] “Menard” CF Featuring Wasurenaide

Posted in Video with tags , on February 16, 2009 by kenkyu

15 Seconds Version

30 Seconds Version

Credits: DBSKnights33

[News] Wasurenaide as Japanese Commercial Theme Song

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Wasurenaide“, composed entirely by THSK member Hero Jaejoong will be used as the commercial theme song for Menard Cosmetic Series’s upcoming CM. The CM is scheduled to be aired between 16 February (Monday) and 15 March (Sunday).

The scheduled airing times are as follows:
21:00~21:54 Monday Sitcom, Fuji TV
21:00~22:48 Wednesday Entertainment, Tokyo TV
19:57~20:54 Miraculous Experiences! Unbelievable, Fuji TV
21:00~22:51 Saturday Wide Show, Asahi TV

Menard’s CM stars Iwashita Shima, Shota Matsuda and Kyoko Fukada. How will it turn out, with “Wasurenaide” as the theme song?

T/N: Menard Cosmetics was established in 1959, with its headquarters situated in Nagoya, Japan. The entire company specialises in medicine, health food and cosmetics. Sales in Japan are considered above average.

Credits:浩在秋秋 @baidu
Translation by: Banana-chan@xietinloveshero