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[News + Trans] B-PASS 2009 Apr Issue “Holy Days”- Yoohun Interview

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2008, album sales and concert were both huge successes ^^ All the singles they produced reached No.1 on the charts, a debut on the Kohaku Uta Gassen, this was a great year of leaping forward for Tohoshinki. Gracing the magazine cover for the 3rd time, the 5 of them, who have many fans in not only Japan and Korea but also the rest of Asia, suggested “Relaxing Timing” as the theme of this photoshoot. They also suggested “relax”, “love”, “music” and “aim” as the topics of conversation/interviews.

TVXQ’s “Holy Days” Interview- Micky Yoochun

Q: How are you feeling recently?
YC: Very busy~~ But I’m very happy everyday as well.

Q: Do you mean that you can find happiness in some of the things you’re busy with?
YC: Yes~ so its better to be a little busier. But, when I think of the choreography for the concert this time, its a little… -smiles- the arena tour this time is really really worth looking forward to.

Q: What would you want to do if you had some time off?
YC: Up til now, although I’ve said that I want to make some Japanese friends online, I’ve never actually though of that practically. -smiles- But, I really wanted to make some Japanese friends recently. I could go out with my friends in Japan as well, if I had friends in Japan. I want to have some similarities between my lives in Japan and Korea.

Q: When we met previously, you said things like wanting to ride a bicycle all the way to Shibuya. Now that you’re such a famous celebrity, its probably really hard to do something like that right?
YC: I never rode a bike there, but I do still go to Shibuya occasionally.

Q: Its okay? What if people find you there?
YC: Its alright. I’d just do what people normally do, shake their hands and wish them a pleasant time~~ something like that.

Q: Is that so? Do you go to Shibuya for shopping?
YC: No, I go there when I feel like eating “Emyunju”. (T/N: anyone can tell me what’s that?? :/)

Q: Emyunju? That kind of fish?
YC: Yes, I usually have it in hotels, the kind of hotels that aren’t too expensive.

Q: Like a commoner ah~~
YC: It makes me feel happy~ Ramen shops as well~ I really like going there. But from now on, I’ll have to take better care of my health as the arena tour’s coming up. So I have to control my cravings for tonkotsu ramen at night now -laughs-

Q: Do you like tonkotsu ramen a lot?
YC: Yes~ its really delicious~ tonkotsu ramen~

Q: Since you’re busy all the time, it feels a little awkward asking you something like that, but… if you had a long holiday, what would you want to do?
YC: keke~its great thinking about it -laughs- I wanted to stay in Korea whenever I had a break in the past… to meet my friends and family… Now I want to go and eat Japanese cuisine and visit Japanese onsens.

Q: You understand Japan really well, but when you’re at work, do you ever think “I have to change this habit”?
YC: The thing I want to change the most is not overstepping the limit when I’m at work… to be more careful when I talk to the staff because I never really took much notice of this before.

Q: The song you composed, “Kiss The Baby Sky”, has shown improvements both musically and expressivness.
YC: Yes, the stress that I experience when composing is disappearing gradually, although I’m losing my concentration when composing, I can still come up with a melody. I need to change that as well~~

Q: Did you feel more confident of yourself when you completed KTBS?
YC: I really felt a lot more confident, but a little embarrassed as well. -laughs- I feel really awkward/embarrassed when we were filming the music video for my song. My expressions were really stiff when I had to lip-sync for the video.

Q: KTBS is a conversation between a pair of lovers who had to part because of their dreams. Did you have such an experience as well?
YC: A lot of people have asked me this, but it never happened to me.

Q: Please talk a little about it then.
YC: The lyrics talk about a man who decide to break up with his lover so that she can pursue her dream… but it was always the opposite for me. Girls who I dated always had to break up with me so that I could pursue my dream… it was like that.

Q: I see.
YC: So I didn’t want to write a ballad, or a melancholic song, a pop style, something happy and for the future. A song like that.

Q: “Finally you laughed in the future” and “Tomorrow is still your own”, positive lyrics like this, can always be connected.
YC: I can really feel for lyrics such as “The two of us are still smiling, in the photos we left behind”. I really felt quite lonely when the memories of breaking up came rushing back as I was looking through photographs. I just based my song on those memories, though the songwriting process was quite difficult.

Q: But what images do you think of when the word “love” is brought up?
YC: There are many, but I particularly remember last Christmas. I went drinking with 2 of my friends in Korea on Christmas Eve, so I woke up late the next day. When I saw my mother, brother and his girlfriend making salad, I felt love. Love can exist in the smallest ways possible and increase in the same way.. finally you get married as well. Its the same for family too.

Q: So your living room was full of love at that time~~
YC: Yes~ I was rather envious~-laughs-my brother and his girlfriend were saying something like “How do you make that?” but they were smiling. So I felt really great as ann elder brother.

Q: What gives you a good impression of a girl?
YC: I have excellent impressions of girls who are good at housework~ For example, when she’s doing the dishes, or paring fruits, or when she cooks for her boyfriend and has the “I wonder how he thinks of the taste?” expression on her face… …

Q: Natural behaviour like that has a lot of charm~~ So what do you think is the difference between “like” and “love”?
YC: “Like” is a coincidence, working hard after that coincidence and the feeling that comes after it has matured is “love”. “Like” can happen to anyone, but it’d be great if “love” could come after hard work. Like this~

Q: Lastly, what is your personal wish/goal for this year?
YC: I want to feel happiness/bliss! -laughs-Not only myself, it also extends to the people around me, it’d be great if everyone could be happy.

Translation by: Banana-chan@TVXQfever

[Video] MC Boom in ‘Micky Yoochun’ Style and Hairstyle

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A cut from Good Morning – 2PM and Boom cut ^^
Starts 1:20min

Credits: Symbelmyns

[Photo] Yoochun Endorsing CONVERSE

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Source: conversekorea
Credit: DNBN + TVXQfever

[Trans] JJ Magazine April 2009 – Yunho and Yoochun Interview 022509

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Yunho said, “Embarrassedly, we can only film together with the members.”
Yoochun said, “I’ll send her a song only composed by me.”

A happy date is made by schools boys. Many school girls expect that, that time will come but then, boys become lesser and lesser. But, TVXQ is different from them. For this month, they will appear in “dream date”! For this month, we will show you Yunho and Yoochun’s news.

We are always busy. If we have time to rest, we want to go to Okinawa and enjoy the sea. I will not bring too much things. I will only bring things which are important like camera. Since I was in still in middle school, I really like to take photos. I always bring my camera and take shots of different places. These days, I am using a professional camera as a camera man. I use that camera to take a shot of her beautiful smile, we take pictures together, and wear unisex clothes and make photos. We do anything that will look good. If I wear blue jeans, she would wear skirt with the same style and color. Or, mini jeans skirts too, will look good. I like school girls wearing miniskirts. Oh, I think it wandered over the point (smiling). It will be very hard for us to stay together. I hope we can take more shots as like eating food in an icebox.

The sweet memories will be kept forever. If we do not have time to go to Okinawa, we can also go to some night scenes in some places. We can go everywhere. If we do not have professional camera, we will just use the ordinary camera. Today’s ordinary camera is better than the older ones. Function of today’s camera is just fine. In fact, during my work in Okinawa, I have taken a photo in HONG BRIDGE. I also took some photos in some sea sceneries in Okinawa. Unfortunately, those pictures are TVXQ’s members (laughing).

For example, in her birthday, I will rent a restaurant. The place will be… ahahaha. A street near in a hill. It isn’t a noisy place. I will prepare a dinner for the two of us, and I will escort her carefully. And then, we will enjoy eating while chatting. We will speak more than we usually speak in other time. We will talk of different things.

Then, I will send her a surprise gift. A song which is I compose only for her. I have written it for TVXQ. But I will sing it only for her. I will play the song that I have learned for a long time. I have made a song that will make her feel relax. I feel embarrassed. But then, I like to play the piano with lyrics as if it was a piece of love letter. There is no other feeling. All I can think is her mood, warm and happiness. The music can deceive her but all I want is her. Her character is like a woman that can have a family. Even though she can cook and be a role model those are not my needs. She is just a simple person. Happy for whatever I give her even it is just a simple thing. I also want to be like her. Being just with her makes me feel so happy. When we go in far places I’ am contented with her. We’ll go in XIANG HILL and if she wants to give me in return, her smile is enough!

Source: TVXQbaidu
Translated by: Jaeho_lover@TVXQFever

[Trans] Steady Magazine Takeda’s Blog

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This is the whole translation of Takeda’s blog entry.

Hello this is Takeda!
The new month has already come so early
So it’s time to notice you this month issue
Let’s see what we have around here ★
And this is a big announcements for today!
Our issue with tremendous sensation!

TVXQ × Mikiko date plan !!! (T/N: Mikiko is the female model that will be shot together)
But only two members that will appear first
Changmin is up again and Yoochun
All these three people will dress in costumes
by stylish brand Chloe, One of the three people dress in costumes, クロエ

If there are only two people, then it’s just a date
But how to approach if there are 3 people (T/N: not sure.. not sure..)
And also this!!
Changmin gives present to Yoochun
Special for you!!!
(Note: for the pictures, please refer to the post just below)
Those two actually ever appeared in August edition.
But, at that time, I still do not know TVXQ. ^^

I’m in LOVE <3<3

Especially with Yoochun!
I often change Yoochun’s hairstyle.
The hair is cute now^^
As the pages of the magazine is printed.
Those two are so nice. (Yoochun & Changmin)
Please do not miss it!

Source: Murasaki Hashidoi +
Translated by: sharingyoochun

[Video] DBSK on Mnet Wide Top 100 Flowers Boys

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4. Jaejoong

16. Yoochun

31. Changmin

50. Yunho

Credits: farahmicky

[Video] MBC News – Yoochun and Yunho on FASHION SHOW 090210

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Credits: ichigoKJJ